Fresh, that's the idea.

Actually, there’s an abundance of ideas. Your ideas. Those oohsa-has, and eurekas are popping into your head and our goal is to make sure that each one of them is delivered to the world fresh – not a day wilted. Developing, managing, and representing brands is what keeps us excited, and we believe in sharing our passion for seeing life through mint-colored lenses. This specific shade of green-blue melds the heart chakra with the throat chakra, intensifying one’s ability to engage in self-expression with the essence of love. Mint Tea Brand Agency is about breathing life into your business and presenting crisp, cool, and carefully designed branding that you can feel proud to take a sip of. From logos and websites to marketing and publicity campaigns and everything in between – we’ve got you covered.

THE Mission

We work to develop and elevate the brands of passionate leaders and ideas, using our love of good design, strategic marketing, and integrated PR to help make the best impressions possible. 

The Vision

A world of entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and artists who hustle ferociously, create enormous ripples of impact, and embrace, not fear, the power of smart and strategic branding.