Mint Tea Brand Agency is a full-service brand design and marketing agency for small businesses, nonprofits, and creative entrepreneurs.

We believe in breathing life into your business and presenting crisp, cool, and carefully-designed branding that you can feel proud to take a sip of. We offer a robust range of services businesses, organizations, and creatives outsource to multiple professionals, all under one roof. Get graphic design that connects with your market. Public relations representation with the visuals to match your professionalism and identity. Marketing that builds strong brands and creates lasting impressions.


The New Student


It's your first time sticking more than a toe into your branding and marketing strategy. You want to do it correctly, and you're a blank canvas. Mint Tea Brand Agency can help you define your goals, illustrate your identity, and strategize for success. 


The Team Builder

"HELP ME Execute"

You've been behind the wheel of brand and marketing strategy before. You know what you want and know how you want to get there, but your team needs an extra player. Mint Tea can provide additional capacity in design, marketing, or PR to bring your plans to fruition.


The Level-Upper

"Help Me grow"

You're proud of your success, but you also know you can take it up a notch. Or maybe you've hit some design or marketing obstacles and want someone to help get around them. Mint Tea is happy to lead your rebranding and help elevate your strategy.



Let's talk — background, goals, etc. — and figure out the direction of your project.



We'll create the best solution to meet your needs, whether in design or strategy.



You'll receive a nice package of ready-to-use deliverables and resources.