What can MTBA do for my business, organization or personal brand?

Mint Tea Brand Agency can do everything your brand needs to grow and succeed. From helping you figure out your brand’s message and voice, to designing your logo, business cards, and website, to developing a fresh marketing strategy to get your name where it needs to be. Already have some of these? No worries. Every service is available a la carte to mix and match the perfect blend for your needs.

Why can't I just do all this myself?

You’re more than welcome to, of course! However, our unique approach to brand building and marketing ensures every step of your project is handled with comprehensive attention to all the avenues of a powerful brand impression and its success. We go deeper into logo design to make sure your identity not only looks good and is professional, but sends the right marketing and PR messages and is adaptable to various channels. We make sure every project, no matter how big or small, checks off all the boxes for your goals and objectives. Click here to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional for your brand development.

Why would I pick Mint Tea Brand Agency over another designer?

The biggest benefit our clients receive from working with us is saving time and money they can put back into running their business. Because we offer a comprehensive list of services covering all your brand’s design and development needs, there’s never a need for multiple vendors. This means:

Everything stays in one place. Less is more! Streamlining your brand work means fewer chefs in the kitchen and a smaller chance of miscommunication and ineffective efforts throughout your design and marketing process. One agency means one line of communication, one timeline to manage, and one set of invoices.

Every project is a full package. We can’t approach design without thinking of your larger marketing goals. We can’t approach your brand development and messaging without thinking of the perfect visuals to match. It’s embedded in how we live and work, so everything we do for you is optimized to meet every need and application. You get more than just a logo, more than just a business card, more than just a campaign. You get a total package that equips you with every tool necessary to take your brand to the next level, even after you’re done with us.

I'm not located in Maryland or the District of Columbia. Can I still hire you?

Absolutely! Mint Tea Brand Agency’s client roster includes amazing people and organizations from California to New York to Georgia. Our communication lines are open and our process is transparent, so you’ll never know we’re not actually in your city.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Please refer to our Policies page for information on our payment terms.

I'm a non-profit. Do you offer special pricing for my organization?

Yes! Please contact us for a consultation. Once we learn more about your needs, we’ll present a quote with considerably adjusted pricing for 501(c)3 organizations.

I want to hire you. How do we get started?

Click here to send us a message and request a consultation. During our call, we’ll go over your business model, audience/customers, current marketing and design, your goals, and how this fits into your timeline and budget. We’ll build a design package for you with a quote and project timeline. Once you approve it, we get right to work.