Managing a brand takes more & does more.

Traditional public relations generally means you’ll have someone writing press releases, distributing a pitch to media, and serving as gatekeeper for inquiries. That’s not where we draw the line. 

We do brand management, giving you a publicist, marketing manager, web designer, and brand strategist in one package. And with more than a decade of experience in each discipline, you’ll never sacrifice quality in any of our deliverables.

We do this, and we do it well. 

I haven’t met another individual who can design and order business cards, draft a six-month social media plan for a recluse, coordinate a photo shoot, and build a multipage site as if she were simply ordering her ritual morning coffee.
— T. Edwards, Writer & Content Creator
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Brand Management

for Recording Artists & Creatives

Streaming Profiles

Do you know the data and analytics of your streaming platforms? Is your bio giving default info or the real thing? We’ll make sure you’re presenting yourself the way you want, and provide data reports to help you understand your listeners and where they come from. 

Digital Communications 

Social media platforms can shut down temporarily, and eventually they’ll phase out altogether. We’ll oversee your social media channels but also create a mailing list — read: a high-performing collection of engaged fans — to keep your audience growing and informed. 

Media Representation

This is the traditional PR piece: writing press releases and pitching media and partnership opportunities. We also serve as the point of contact for inquiries and help coordinate anything from press conferences to media runs to one-off interviews. 

Web and EPK Design

Every artist needs a shareable platform for all your basic information — Instagram isn’t it, and neither is Wikipedia. Let’s tell your own story via a website or EPK with a bio, music/video links, top media mentions, key contacts, and more. 

Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re going on tour or launching a single or project, it needs to be backed by good rollout and follow-up strategy. We’ll ask the questions and build a plan that optimizes everything from the preview, to the announcement, and whatever comes next. 

Brand Consulting

Branding is at the root of every service we provide, so we take everything into careful consideration of how it affects your image. We evaluate your existing brand to identify opportunities for growth and proudly protect it with everything we have.