4 Reasons to Hire a Pro Designer

Over the years, I've heard quite a few reasons people choose not to hire a professional designer. Among them are cost, the ease of "just doing it myself," or a bad customer experience with a previous designer. While these are all valid, it is actually quite rare that taking a shortcut with your design project actually works out for the best in the long run. Finding the right fit for your project does take a bit of research and due diligence, but here are four reasons you should skip the DIY approach and hire a professional graphic designer.

Professionalism builds credibility.

You only get one first impression. What do you want your ideal customers to think, feel, or do when they see your logo, website, product packaging, or marketing piece? Skip the clip art and watermarked photos and contact a designer! Professional designers make sure to cross every T and dot every I so you walk away with clean deliverables. When you use good design to look like a pro and communicate like one too, you're more likely to snag the respect, loyalty — and dollars — of your ideal customers. 

You're wasting time and money.

Why are you spending time trying to figure out how Adobe Creative Suite works instead of making connections, replenishing inventory, applying for grants, or other things that get you closer to your true goals? Working with a professional graphic designer saves the time you spend trying to learn the tools and tricks of our trade, and lets you use your time and skills where your business or organization really needs them. And although the cost isn't cheap, it's an investment. You pay for the creativity, professionalism, convenience, and expertise a designer will bring to the table. Pro Tip: You often end up spending more in the long run when you don't trust the pros from the beginning. 

A fresh pair of eyes helps!

Have you ever reviewed the same document over and over, sent it off and then had a colleague or friend point out a typo that's so obvious you can't believe you missed it? It's hard to see things from different points of view when we're so embedded in them. The same goes for our businesses and organizations. Hiring a designer gives you a fresh perspective on your messaging and visuals. Having this new view can highlight both great selling points you may have missed as well as a few areas for improvement you may have thought weren't issues before. 

Designers do details.

Great designers eat, sleep, and breathe layout, font selection, and color palettes. It's a designer's passion to know how to best present your message in a way that's both effective and attractive. So if you think we only make pretty things, think again — we make pretty things that work. The best designers also think ahead: various file types for printing vs. digital, different colors for different applications, etc. You're always prepared with a full set of brand assets, so you won't need to create something off-brand on the fly or hire a designer with a rush fee! 

While doing your own design sounds like a great idea — thanks to free apps, fonts and templates — most owners end up wasting way more time and down-the-line money with DIY design. Find a designer that works for you, and your budget, and spend your valuable time on the things that really meet your goals. Happy hiring!