4 Questions Your Mission Statement Must Answer

Your business’ mission statement is one of the best pieces of written content you can develop. Usually no more than a few clear and concise sentences, a mission statement provides a high-level snapshot of your business strategy. When done well, it’s a framework for employees, investors, and even consumers, and explains your purpose.

 All mission statements should answer the following questions:

What do you do? How do you do it?

Whether you provide a product or service, your mission statement should clearly define what it is your business does, and how you do it. Don’t overthink these two — keep it simple!

For whom do you do it?

Describe your audience here. Not too in depth, with demographics, but just enough to highlight whom it is you work so hard to serve.

What value do you bring?

What benefit do you bring to your customers? Convenience? Awareness? Savings? Peace of mind? Including your value puts whatever makes your business awesome front and center.

Large corporations often cut corners with their mission statements, keeping them vague.  Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from a specific, carefully-curated mission statement because it gives you something clear to use when answering what are usually the first four questions anyone asks about your business. As an example, here’s ours:

Mint Tea Brand Agency is a multifaceted creative agency that provides curated brand design, strategy, and management packages for creative professionals so they can focus more on their passion and less on their problems.

Have you written your mission statement? Does it answer these questions? If not, give a rewrite a shot! If you’re finding it a bit tricky, try answering each question separately and then piecing it together that way. If you’re still in a bind, send us a message.