Twenty-something years ago in Charlotte, my parents named me Amber Jinae.


My childhood latched onto music and literature. My adolescence welcomed and nurtured a love of history and culture — especially that of my ancestors and elders. Ambition came naturally, but my parents equipped me with lessons and skills — resilience being one of the biggest — that paired nicely with my internal drive. From my mother, I learned resourcefulness and the importance of education. From my father, I learned diligence and how to carve my own path.


Today, I'm a brand designer, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur from the DMV.


I launched my first business, Amber Jinae PR, while in undergrad at the University of Maryland. After graduation I landed full-time marketing and design jobs in various industries — from higher education to commercial real estate and now nonprofits/philanthropy — while nurturing my entrepreneurial spirit on the side. My passions for progressive, contemporary design, advocacy, and local entrepreneurship have attracted a rich and diverse community client base for my businesses.

My mission is to demonstrate the significance of unforgettable first impressions, impeccable presentations and deliberated strategy in identity expression and representation. I value integrity, passion, goodness and ambition. I want to use my loves to help others make a statement about theirs. I’m passionate about everything from logos and websites to marketing and/or publicity campaigns and everything in between. I enjoy working with people as dedicated to their work as I am to mine. If this sounds like you, let's talk!